Equipment Description Pictures
    High-precision laser cutting and micromachining station
    Equipment description : This high-precision laser cutting station has many applications in microelectronics including microsoldering, high-precision adjustment of passive integrated components and thin substratum micromachining. This equipment works directly on integrated circuits (die or wafer) for cutting metal interconnections, adjusting resistances and micromachining glass, Kapton and polyimide substratums.
    Specific functions :
    2 selectable wavelengths (532 nm and 355 nm)
    Attacks copper, polyimide, gold, Kapton, polysilicium, aluminum, nitride, silicium oxide and SOG.
    Precise control of the energy level on a wide range
    3 axis control of cutting size and orientation
    Cutting precision of 2 μm x 2 μm with 100X objective
    3 operating modes : pulsed, continuous and single shot
    Applications :
    Semiconductor analysis and repairing
    Semiconductor Ajustment
    Thin substratum micromachining and micro-welding
    Added value : Its great precision and its dual wavelength laser adapted to semiconductor materials make of it an essential tool for micro-welding, micromachining and CMOS chips adjustment.
    Emplacement : Adrien-Pouliot Building PLT-2115 PLT-2115
    Measuring station with radio frequency tips
    Equipment description :
    This measuring station with 6" manual tip and anti-vibration table includes 4 high-precision micro-positioners with many micro-probes for DC and RF applications up to 40 GHz.
    Specific functions :
    System with 6" manual tips PS4L
    Anti-vibration table (750 mm x 900 mm)
    4 high-precision micro-positioners with micro-probles for DC and RF applications up to 40 GHz
    Nickel-plated 150mm (6") HF/microwave chuck
    PSM-1000 microscope with many objectives (50x, 80x, 100x and laser)
    HDMI camera with multiple outputs
    Applications :
    1) Caracterization and adjustment of high-performance RF integrated circuits
    2) Verification and testing of integrated circuits
    Added value :
    This systems includes very precise micro-positioners and very high frequency probes that allow caracterizing new advanced transmitters and receivers.
    Emplacement : Adrien-Pouliot Building PLT-2115 PLT-2115

    Micro-assembling and flip-chip micro-soldering station
    Equipment description :
    Multipurpose chip micro-soldering platform used for many micro-assembling applications such as flip-chip connection, inter-chip connection and other types of substratums and materials, as well as for 3D microsystems integration.
    Specific functions :
    5 µm placement precision
    0.125 mm x 0.125 mm to 100 mm x 100 mm component dimensions
    450 mm x 234 mm work area
    Support for wafer/substratum dimensions up to 200 mm
    Support for bonding forces up to 700 N
    Applications :
    Design and integration of multi-technology microsystems (MEMS, BioMEMS, microfluidics, microélectronics)
    Micro-soldering and high-precision encapsulating of microelectronic chips
    Micro-soldering and rework of small electronic surface-mount components (0201, 05001)
    3D encapsulation
    flip-chip micro-assembly
    Wafer level packaging
    chip-on-glass, chip-on-board and chip-on-flex micro-assembly
    Added value :
    This equipment allows rapidly developing miniaturized prototypes incorporating many advanced technologies including bioMEMS and microfluidics elements.
    Emplacement : Adrien-Pouliot Building PLT-2115 PLT-2115

    Micro-assembly and micro-soldering station (surface-mount)
    Equipment description :
    Rework Station is the term for the finish or repair operation of printed circuit boards having surface-mount (SMD) electronic components. This equipment is essential for installing, soldering or replacing components such as ball grid array (BGA) packages and chip scale packages (CSP). A hot air gun (at the top) and heating elements (under the board) are used to heat up the device and melt the soldering paste, whereas an automated tool is used for placing or picking up often very small components with high precision.
    Specific functions :
    Distributor tools group: solder distributor with tank and residual solder removal
    Set of placement tips, type XL (BGA/CSP) 5 mm, 8 mm, 15 mm with toric joint
    Set of soldering tips (BGA) 15 mm, 27mm, 35mm, 40mm
    Two camera lenses (BGA et CSP)
    Two thermocouple probes (type K)
    Six magnet holders for PCB 40, 5mm (3x standard, 3x Easy Lock)
    Soldering iron : 300 W, 35 l/min
    Heated table : 5000-10000 W, 9 x infrared lamps
    Workable heat area : 500 x 650 mm²
    Maximum PCB size : 530 x 710 mm²
    0,001mm resolution
    Placement precision : ±0,030 mm (CSP), ±0,040 mm (BGA), ±0,070 mm (Maxi BGA)
    High resolution camera : 5 megapixels USB2
    Camera field of view (FOV) : 32 x 42 mm² (CSP), 42 x 57 mm² (BGA), 71 x 96 mm² (Maxi BGA)
    Applications :
    1) Printed circuit board soldering, rework and repair
    2) Soldering of electronic components with very dense packages (CSP, BGA, QFP, QFN)
    Added value :
    This equipment allows interconnecting very high density electronic chips for rapidly developing miniature prototypes including high-performance wireless bio-sensors.
    Emplacement : Adrien-Pouliot Building PLT-2115 PLT-2115

    Micro-wiring station (wire bonding micro-soldering)
    Equipment description :
    This equipment is for micro-wiring or wire bonding. This technique is used to make electrical connections between the package and the die of an integrated circuit. The soldering is realized using ultrasounds, heat and pressure on materials such as copper, gold and aluminum.
    Specific functions :
    Ultrasonic system : Transducer 63 kHz, control by PLL
    Ultrasonic power : 0 - 1 watt basse / 0 - 2 watt haut
    bonding time : 20-999 msec.
    bonding force : 15-130 grammes
    gold and aluminum wire : 17 à 50µ (0,7 à 3 mil)
    gold ribbon : jusqu'à 20 x 200µ
    motorized wire spool : 50.8 mm (2") option
    90° angled feeder for wire and ribbon
    Table adjustment : 15 mm
    Temperature controller up to 250° C +/-1° C
    Power : 100 – 240 V +/-10 % 50/60Hz 6 A max.
    Applications :
    1) Microsystems encapsulation
    2) Micro-soldering
    Added value :
    This equipment is for quickly making test prototypes. It also allows forming solder balls essential to the flip-chip assembly process of the FINEPLACE pico ma.
    Emplacement : Adrien-Pouliot Building PLT-2115 PLT-2115

    microfluidics and MEMS microsystems analysis and integration platform
    Equipment description :
    Integrated to a LabView instrumentation control and real-time image analysis, this equipment is for the quick development of real-time applications. It allows caracterizing MEMS prototypes and microfluidics applications such as for biomolecules and metabolites real-time analysis as well as fluids and particles image processing.
    Specific functions :
    Flow sensor : 0-6 microliters/min ;
    Pressure sensor : 0-300 Psi ;
    Tubes : 300 micrometers (NanoPort standard) ;
    Motorized microscope : 3 axis ;
    Optical magnification : 50X/20X/5X;
    High-speed camera : up to 330 images/sec;
    Resolution : 1K to 2K;
    Real-time analysis : FPGA board (Virtex 5);
    Template for testing MEMS microchips : up to 10 microfluidic entries.
    Applications :
    1) Design, integration and testing of multi-technology microsystems (MEMS, BioMEMS, microfluidiques, microélectroniques)
    2) Automated applications programming with LabView for caracterizing and testing low flow microfluidic devices.
    3) Application development specialized in real-time imagery based on processing by digital programmable platforms.
    Added value :
    This equipment is for quickly testing miniaturized prototypes incorporating many advanced technologies such as bioMEMS and microfluidics elements.
    Emplacement : Adrien-Pouliot Building PLT-2115 PLT-2115
    Electrical and Signal processing testing platform
    Equipment description :
    Set of high-end measuring instruments integrated with software suites for testing. This testbench comprised of mixed-signal oscilloscopes, precise multimeters and programmable signal generators allows caracterizing audio systems, radio frequencies, etc., including analog and digital signals (logic analyzers) on 4 and 16 channels respectively.
    Specific functions
    Agilent mixed-signal oscilloscope : MSO9254A 2.5 GHz, 2 GSa/s
    Agilent digital oscilloscope : DSO 54855 - 6 GHz et MSO 2254 - 2 GHz
    VSA 8900 software
    Agilent logic analyzer : 16900 et sondes
    FPGA Dynamic Link analysis software
    Agilent dynamic signal analyzer : 35670
    Agilent spectrum analyzer : 8722/8752/8753/8563
    Agilent network analysers
    Keithley multimeter 2001 6 1/2 digit DMM
    Tektronix waveform generator : AFG30222C
    Applications :
    Design and test of analog, digital and radio-frequency electronics systems.
    Measurement, test and caracterization of electronic prototypes.
    Added value :
    This set of powerful and multipurpose equipement allows quickly caracterizing a large variety of electronic prototypes.
    Emplacement : Adrien-Pouliot Building PLT-2115 PLT-2115

    Digital programmable systems development platforms
    Equipment description :
    Architecture of type EVM with expansion possibilities by a variety of daughterboards (standard FMC connector or other). This equipment allows developing powerful applications for FPGA boards (VHDL language or Matlab design) and embedded systems (with softcores such as Microblaze, Nios II, etc. and hardcores such as ARM9) in the fields of wireless, radar, imagery and high-performance computing (bio-computing, etc.). This equipment includes high-level design tools such as OpenCL, HLS, Matlab/Simulink.
    Specific functions:
    Nallatech, Xilinx and Altera development boards;
    VC709 (Virtex 7, high-end, optical connectors, 400 MB/sec inter-board bandwidth);
    VC-705 (Virtex-7, midrange, dual FMC connectors);
    ZC-702 (Zynq board having an FPGA with embedded ARM9 hardcore);
    Zedboard (affordable board with Zynq processor);
    PCIe385 (Nallatech Altera board) with OpenCL support (high-level parallel applications);
    Signal acquisition boards : 0-200 MSa/s;
    AD-FMCOMS radio-frequency boards (Analog Devices).
    Design of digital systems for a wide range of applications such as wireless, radar, imagery and high-performance computing. Applications examples: bio-computing, wireless, medical devices, signal processing, radar, imagery and optical fiber communication.
    Added value :
    These quick prototyping platforms allow designing and verifying a wide range of digital systems. Our team masters Xilinx and Altera FPGA development platforms at both the hardware and software level as well as the various design tools (Xilinx ISE, Vivado, HLS, Altera Quartus II, OpenCL).
    Emplacement : Adrien-Pouliot Building PLT-2115 PLT-2115